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Basic Bitcoin software questions

What is the difference between accessing Bitcoin online (through Blockchain for instance) and using a Bitcoin software? What exactly does the Bitcoin software do? Pros/cons? Specific software you would like to recommend?
Also, from a guide that was posted here recently (link):
2.3 Send/spend -- You need an app in order to send/spend bitcoins out of your stash into someone else's. I recommend Android. Get an Android tablet or smartphone. Windows is too insecure to handle money. Linux is too hard to master for the casual person just wanting to get a few coins to play with. Macintosh lacks mature bitcoin-sending apps. I recommend Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet. Other apps currently on the market ("Bitcoin", "Armory", "Electrum", "Multibit", and many others) perform functions beyond a casual user's needs. They are therefore more complex and so are harder to master.
Any secondary opinions on this? How exactly is Android bettebest?
Hope that wasn't too much. Thank you.
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