How I got Rich on Bitcoin - Dailymotion Video

08-12 16:26 - 'BE SMART AND BECOME RICH IN LESS THAN 3DAYS....It all depends on how fast you can be to get the new PROGRAMMED blank ATM card that is capable of hacking into any ATM machine,anywhere in the world. I got to know about this B...' by /u/Dry-Ask6022 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 78-88min

BE SMART AND BECOME RICH IN LESS THAN 3DAYS....It all depends on how fast you can be to get the new PROGRAMMED blank ATM card that is capable of hacking into any ATM machine,anywhere in the world. I got to know about this BLANK ATM CARD when I was searching for job online about a year ago..It has really changed my life for good and now I can say I'm rich and I can never be poor again. a family friend introduce us to them last year after i first sure the review online and my wife is a full house wife could not support looking for another good job was fucking hell, this hack card enables you to make withdraws on any ATM card in the world without having any cash in account or even having any bank account you can also use it to order items online, The least money I get in a day it is about $50,000.(fifty thousand USD) Even now and then I keeping pumping money into my account. Though is illegal,there is no risk of being caught ,because it has been programmed in such a way that it is not traceable,it also has a technique that makes it impossible for the CCTVs to detect you..For details on how to get yours today, email the hackers on :email the hackers on ([[email protected]]1 )
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06-16 01:54 - 'I mean ZIL went up 10 times its value and is still holding there. Anyone who had $1000 in it just made $9000. Sure it could be a scam but plenty of people just got rich off it' by /u/Wit2020 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 449-459min

I mean ZIL went up 10 times its value and is still holding there. Anyone who had $1000 in it just made $9000. Sure it could be a scam but plenty of people just got rich off it
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05-25 20:44 - '"bitcOin iS noT fair!! peoPle whO got in eArly Got riCh! it'S a sCam!" meanwhile .... this is a good investment' ( by /u/1107461063 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 300-310min

"bitcOin iS noT fair!! peoPle whO got in eArly Got riCh! it'S a sCam!" meanwhile .... this is a good investment
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04-19 11:24 - 'OMG I got this 100% legit giveaway ant totally not a fucking scam I can't believe I'm so rich now' ( by /u/MinicoinTTV removed from /r/Bitcoin within 43-53min

OMG I got this 100% legit giveaway ant totally not a fucking scam I can't believe I'm so rich now
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The 2 sides of Charles..

So, at this point, I've noticed the 2 sides of Charles Hoskinsin. Theres the side we all love and respect. The one that answers questions articulately and precisely without blinking or stuttering. He's the visionary, leader, and #1 reason that we all got into Cardano. This man is everything we want and need in a leader and CEO. He is the one that will change the world.
And then, theres the other Charles. The one that operates his twitter account like Donald Trump. He who is quick to argue and play victim like the smart mouthed kid that was always getting "bullied" because of his.. you know, smart mouth. The rich spoiled kid that forgets we all have lives, families jobs, and responsibilities..which means that all of us arent just butt-kissing minions who are sitting here awaiting orders. I wish i got rich from bitcoin or ETH back in the day so i could work 100% of my time on Cardano volunteering.. but unfortunately i did not.
So please Charles.. be the guy that we all respect.. The amazingly clear CH who is the embodiment of what this space needs. Dont be the one that uses his intelligence as arrogance and is quick to revert to the bullied kid as soon as someone disagrees with him. The one who argues with pointless trolls and has slick and divisive political statements on twitter. (Didnt you quit Twitter? ).. you need to hire you a Keisha to handle all your Tweets.
Im a huge Cardano fan.. but ill still slap a grown man in his face if he speaks to me wrong.. even if i respect his purpose. So be the first Charles..the one with the Purpose who understands his current status and doesnt hurt the overall mission of changing the world by arguing with insignificant trolls, starting fights with random competitors, disrespecting people trying to help / understand the reason for something. Be the person you're inevitably supposed to be, and let go of the dead skin, man.
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How much people became rich from Bitcoin

Just a curious question. How many people got rich from Bitcoin? With rich i mean 1million $.
If we get to a another bull run, wouldnt it be to damn full millionairs then? I mean, 90% dcad all the way down. So if we hit again 20k or even more lets say 100k. Wouldnt that made soooo much people millionair?.
With to much people i mean to much. 50% of the crypto space would be millionairs then. Isnt that to much or highly unlikely?.
Thank u.
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12-06 04:32 - 'Anyone got some info on what happened to ETC? Price went from $4.40 to 0.01212 cents. 53k BTC traded in a 1 min timeframe. Who got rich?' ( by /u/stickyslugstickers removed from /r/Bitcoin within 4-14min

Anyone got some info on what happened to ETC? Price went from $4.40 to 0.01212 cents. 53k BTC traded in a 1 min timeframe. Who got rich?
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04-05 19:13 - '**Is bitcoin a decentralized pyramid/ponzi scheme?** / This is *not* FUD. I am genuinely interested. From what I can see, some people got rich, but not because goods and services of value were being created somewhere (as wou...' by /u/MrManHimself removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-8min

Is bitcoin a decentralized pyramid/ponzi scheme?
This is not FUD. I am genuinely interested. From what I can see, some people got rich, but not because goods and services of value were being created somewhere (as would be the case with stocks in a real company). People got rich because others hoping to get rich rushed in and pushed up the price. So it has basically been money flowing from the many to the few. And now there is little new money coming in, whence the daily panics here over prices.
What do people think of the situation?
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12-22 17:52 - 'Well folks, glad we got out while we could, anyone know an up and coming pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing opportunity in 2018? I enjoy getting rich off of suckers' ( by /u/BossCressman removed from /r/Bitcoin within 24-34min

Well folks, glad we got out while we could, anyone know an up and coming pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing opportunity in 2018? I enjoy getting rich off of suckers
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Is there any reliable known cases of bitcoin investment making someone rich?

Bitcoin rose from pennies to hundreds of dollars very quickly. Logically someone must have made some money, but at the same time that is just an assumption I have. I don't really know if there are real cases or how many real cases there have been. Exchanges, especially at the peak of price were so unreliable and coin distribution is so unknown and so many people held through the rise I don't have a clear picture if ANYONE got rich from bitcoin instead of just in theory.
I guess I am asking has anyone actually actualized at least 500,000 dollars from bitcoin investment.
Like, not "$500,000 on paper" or "potentially $500,000" "$500,000 in trade for goods potentially worth $500,000" or "$500,000 profit from a business that is bitcoin related".
I want to know is there any known cases of someone actually realizing actual profit of 500,000 dollars from bitcoin.
Also yes I know making fiat money isn't the only point of bitcoin. But I'm asking about this right now and not asking if that is the only reason to use bitcoin.
I want to know if bitcoin investment has in 2015 directly made anyone rich.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: If I legally became very rich through stock markets and deposit the money into my bank account do I have to claim where I got the money from so they know it's legal? /r/NoStupidQuestions

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The future of Dogecoin: My perspective

Hi. I'm new to Reddit. This is my first post submission. That being said, I thought I'd say my opinion about where I think Doge is heading.
I've been on BTC-e for a month. Not a long time if I do say myself, but I've seen the highs and now the new lows, as well as the ridiculous troll box at work. Fontas is gone(or is he?) and the moon seems farther away than ever before because China recently travelled there.
I think we all know what is holding Bitcoin back, and likewise Dogecoin. I will list them off:
[b]1.) China is cracking down on Bitcoin's mainstream usage in China. It doesn't want their banks involved and it certainly doesn't want people using it as a means to avoid paying taxes. Yet, they have not banned it. Other than China not liking how Bitcoin may take away from their tax revnues and their attempts to clamp down on corruption and money laundering, China actually is fine with Bitcoin. It is fine with Bitcoin because it competes with the US dollar and will help, as a device, medium, or what have you, to upsurp the position of the USD as the international currency reserve. China has made calls for the USD to be replaced with a new international reserve currency. As it stands, the pump and jumps, volatility of the "currency", and how it has no centralized control will prevent it from becoming an international currency any time soon. This is a catch22. My point is as long as it doesn't fuck with China's tax dollars and encourage corruption, then it is here to stay with China.
2.) Christmas and New Years. It is that time of season. People are withdrawing their volumes in order to take their profits for obvious reasons and personal gain. If you got rich from Bitcoin, why wouldn't you treat yourself, significant other, or someone with a present, or nice celebration, or whatever using the profits from Bitcoin a person has made?
3.) Crash. It happened, and people followed by selling off and others cut their loses. But the "currency" currently remains between $600-700. Confidence will slowly return as people buy back into it in the New Year. Volumes will increase. And then it will return to it's previous high of of $1300-ish and even go beyond as many speculate.
4.) Speculation. And Altcurrencies. As well as Pump and Dumps.
This all affects Dogecoin and drives down it's worth and volume. The worth of Dogecoin is pegged to Bitcoin just like any altcoin is. And as more Dogecoin is produced using methods of quantative easing, the value of the currency will also go down. So then, how can it go up?
1.) Demand. Volumes of dogecoin must go up on the exchanges. Reddit and 4chan is doing a good thing by distributing the currency, and as it receives more mainstream media attention, it will entice others to pick up this awesome currency too. Demand will increase as it becomes more popular and widespread.
2.) Marketplace - If dogecoin can go the way of bitcoin in that it becomes widely accepted, then people can use Dogecoin to buy things. We are starting to see this now on Reddit as well as other places, which will increase demand for Dogecoin. The problem is that it will be competing against Bitcoin and Litecoin primarily.
3.) Competition and marketing - Dogecoin will be competing with the other altcurrencies, primarily Bitcoin and Litecoin, so why should people buy Dogecoin over Litecoin, or Dogecoin over Bitcoin? What does Doge have that those two don't? Or what makes it a better investment? Dogecoin should be more than just a memecoin that is a joke, which is now it, but how do we convey this idea to the populace on a greater scale where it can be more widely accepted? As it gains wider acceptance, the value of it will go up and we may even find it on popular exchanges such as BTC-e. If it were to be on BTC-e, I'm speculating that it would be at least $1 per Doge since everything there is at least $1. That would be a big milestone for us, and it goes back to demand and marketing for Dogecoin. It can't just be a meme coin. It has to be more than that.
4.) Confidence. As I've seen on this forum, people are asking "Why is Dogecoin going down in value." Pump and dumps, christmas, and the crash of Bitcoin have shaken the confidence of the coin, not of the core supporters and believers, but of investors. I have never mined one single Dogecoin. I went all in and now my investment has decreased by 3x. That really sucks for me, but luckily I can afford to lose that money. What about serious investors(such as China and those with Bitcoin) who may want to trade BTC and LTC for Dogecoin. There should also be feature to buy Dogecoin with USD instead of bitcoin. As it stands, Dogecoin has gone down. I think 200 BTC in volume has disappeared from the currency since yesterday. It seems more people are going back into BTC or Litecoin. People choosing BTC and LTC over Doge devalues the currency and lowers its value. This is why USD feature to buy and sell Dogecoin is important, so it isn't entirely pegged to LTC and BTC. Pegging Dogecoin to actual currency, such as USD, Euro, RMB would help to improve the value and worth of the currency, which could help to improve confidence as a serious investment. As it stands, Dogecoin seems like feathercoin except with a Dogeface, and I hate to say it. The reason is that there is much volume but it doesn't go up because people prefer other currencies over Dogecoin. People aren't confident in investing profits into the currency as much as they could be. So what is left is with an ever increasing volume and people are just trying to earn a profit by going into BTC rather than keep Dogecoin and trade in USD or Euros.
Dogecoin definately has a future, and it needs to have options to trade with fiat currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies. It needs to be accepted on respected exchanges such as BTC-e. Perhaps it would be a good idea for some of us Doge supporters to start up our own exchanges that trade Dogecoin in fiat and cryptocurrencies so it isn't one of many other cryptocurrencies pegged and at the mercy of BTC and LTC's many ups and downs. Confidence has to increase in the currency as well as trust, if it is to be seen as a serious investment. And it has to become more mainstream and more trusted as a currency than bitcoin, or at least as respected and trusted as LTC and BTC. It can't just be a joke and a memecoin.
I see a bright future with Dogecoin because of how much people like it, as a memecoin or not. It has a great logo, and already has captured the hearts and minds of people. So lets take it to the next level and make it into something really great, like maybe the google of cryptocurrencies. Reddit and 4chan made Bitcoin great and what it is today, and if that is the case, then we can replace bitcoin with Dogecoin and make it something even greater. I see the value of Dogecoin going up to at least 0.000003 BTC, or even 0.00002 or even 0.005. But for it to happen, it must stop being pegged entirely to BTC and have options to trade with other currencies and fiat as well.
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Growing success with the Law

After reading a couple of posts days ago. I did SATS for a couple of days on a scene that implied my family is wealthy.
A little background info: I’m 17, and the youngest sibling of my family. Father is disabled and mother is ill. Wealth is something that skipped my fathers generation and I grew up practically poor. I’m still in school and aspire to help them after I graduate college!
What’s changed: Before I went and did SATS, I remembered that consciousness is reality. I focused my awareness on wealth within my family. With SATS I imagined a scene that implies we always had money.
The next mornings, my mental diet was focused on just remembering the feeling of having wealth. When I went for my morning 6 AM walk in a trail, a stranger asked me where I got my jacket. She followed up with “ sounds expensive, you must be rich!” Now I don’t consider this a true manifestation but rather the world is shifting to the reality that fits this new conscious me.
Later that day my father hands me $50 from the 100$ he won from the lottery. “ Haven’t gotten a lottery ticket in years and today I win. Funny. Have half kiddo”. In that moment I was impressed but still maintained it like this is so normal for us, that money just comes to us, that it flows.
I talked my brother into investing $100 in Bitcoin a couple of days ago because I remembered how much buzz it was making back in 2017 and yesterday night it went up by like 4%! He made like $2. I heard that same night the market cap passed Nike and other big companies! Apparently the most growth in months?!
I know this isn’t much but I keep going back to that feeling. Knowing we have wealth. And it brings me so much comfort. Of course we have bills to pay. But I have a feeling this is only the beginning! Maybe the more we notice and become aware, the greater the feeling and conviction?!
I’d love to hear from anyone else who is experiencing good money synchronicities or manifestations.
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Always Be Closing (learning from loss porn)

I wrote this post because there is an election around the corner, and I wanted to remind everyone that politics don’t matter. This is for anyone who cannot find their way to tendie town.
Required Reading-Chads Only
For the half of you that were offended by that speech, I hear they are giving away free tampons at Investing where you can buy and hold SPY for the next 50 years.
For everyone else who belongs on WallStreetBets, the message is clear: if you can’t make money in the market, you have only yourself to blame.
Coffee is for closers (embrace your loss porn)
The Closing of the American Mind shows that 18 y/o kids in college know next to nothing and were given participation trophies their whole lives. Does this sound like the stereotypes you hear about millennials? Well, this book was written in 1987. For 50 years, Americans were told that their point of view was valid, and that they were worthy of attention. Very few people are equipped to put their ego aside and realize that they don’t know nearly as much about the world as they thought. The market doesn’t care about your opinion on global warming, your color, your degree, or your politics. If you’re “a good father.” Good, then go home and play with your kids.
When it comes to the market, all that counts is being right. If you have major loss porn, embrace this as the most real feedback you have ever gotten. For your whole life, you had an imperfect understanding of reality and everyone around you – your parents, friends, and teachers - were too nice (or didn’t care enough) to correct you. This is an opportunity to learn about where you went wrong and how another trader might have played the situation differently.
First place prize is a Cadillac, the 2nd place prize… steak knives (yolo)
A lot of famous investors, got their money from relatively few bets. It may be bitcoin, over-leveraged GME options, or Tesla calls, but one way to get rich is to find a niche that is not on the radar and bet (relatively) big.
To all the newbies: always play with money you can afford to lose and if you have a position that goes 100X, you don’t need your whole portfolio in that play. 10% is plenty. If it does not work out, at least you saved money because you didn’t need #ROPE.
Always Be Closing (the golden rule)
Always be closing your positions. If you have a position that is up 50%, sell half. The market is sitting there waiting to give you the money. Are you going to take it? Are you man enough to take it? If you won't pick it up, the market will have no sympathy for you. Novice traders try to time the top. Chad traders are constantly taking profits.
TLDR: Always Be Closing
Positions: GME is for closers
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Ultimate glossary of crypto currency terms, acronyms and abbreviations

I thought it would be really cool to have an ultimate guide for those new to crypto currencies and the terms used. I made this mostly for beginner’s and veterans alike. I’m not sure how much use you will get out of this. Stuff gets lost on Reddit quite easily so I hope this finds its way to you. Included in this list, I have included most of the terms used in crypto-communities. I have compiled this list from a multitude of sources. The list is in alphabetical order and may include some words/terms not exclusive to the crypto world but may be helpful regardless.
Two factor authentication. I highly advise that you use it.
51% Attack:
A situation where a single malicious individual or group gains control of more than half of a cryptocurrency network’s computing power. Theoretically, it could allow perpetrators to manipulate the system and spend the same coin multiple times, stop other users from completing blocks and make conflicting transactions to a chain that could harm the network.
Address (or Addy):
A unique string of numbers and letters (both upper and lower case) used to send, receive or store cryptocurrency on the network. It is also the public key in a pair of keys needed to sign a digital transaction. Addresses can be shared publicly as a text or in the form of a scannable QR code. They differ between cryptocurrencies. You can’t send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address, for example.
Altcoin (alternative coin): Any digital currency other than Bitcoin. These other currencies are alternatives to Bitcoin regarding features and functionalities (e.g. faster confirmation time, lower price, improved mining algorithm, higher total coin supply). There are hundreds of altcoins, including Ether, Ripple, Litecoin and many many others.
An event where the investors/participants are able to receive free tokens or coins into their digital wallet.
AML: Defines Anti-Money Laundering laws**.**
Getting risk-free profits by trading (simultaneous buying and selling of the cryptocurrency) on two different exchanges which have different prices for the same asset.
Being Ashdraked is essentially a more detailed version of being Zhoutonged. It is when you lose all of your invested capital, but you do so specifically by shorting Bitcoin. The expression “Ashdraked” comes from a story of a Romanian cryptocurrency investor who insisted upon shorting BTC, as he had done so successfully in the past. When the price of BTC rose from USD 300 to USD 500, the Romanian investor lost all of his money.
ATH (All Time High):
The highest price ever achieved by a cryptocurrency in its entire history. Alternatively, ATL is all time low
A tendency of prices to fall; a pessimistic expectation that the value of a coin is going to drop.
Bear trap:
A manipulation of a stock or commodity by investors.
The very first, and the highest ever valued, mass-market open source and decentralized cryptocurrency and digital payment system that runs on a worldwide peer to peer network. It operates independently of any centralized authorities
One of the biggest scams in the crypto world. it was made popular in the meme world by screaming idiot Carlos Matos, who infamously proclaimed," hey hey heeeey” and “what's a what's a what's up wasssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuup, BitConneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect!”. He is now in the mentally ill meme hall of fame.
A package of permanently recorded data about transactions occurring every time period (typically about 10 minutes) on the blockchain network. Once a record has been completed and verified, it goes into a blockchain and gives way to the next block. Each block also contains a complex mathematical puzzle with a unique answer, without which new blocks can’t be added to the chain.
An unchangeable digital record of all transactions ever made in a particular cryptocurrency and shared across thousands of computers worldwide. It has no central authority governing it. Records, or blocks, are chained to each other using a cryptographic signature. They are stored publicly and chronologically, from the genesis block to the latest block, hence the term blockchain. Anyone can have access to the database and yet it remains incredibly difficult to hack.
A tendency of prices to rise; an optimistic expectation that a specific cryptocurrency will do well and its value is going to increase.
Buy the fucking dip. This advise was bestowed upon us by the gods themselves. It is the iron code to crypto enthusiasts.
Bull market:
A market that Cryptos are going up.
An agreement among blockchain participants on the validity of data. Consensus is reached when the majority of nodes on the network verify that the transaction is 100% valid.
Crypto bubble:
The instability of cryptocurrencies in terms of price value
A type of digital currency, secured by strong computer code (cryptography), that operates independently of any middlemen or central authoritie
The art of converting sensitive data into a format unreadable for unauthorized users, which when decoded would result in a meaningful statement.
The use of someone else’s device and profiting from its computational power to mine cryptocurrency without their knowledge and consent.
When HODLers(holders) eventually cash out they go to a place called crypto-Valhalla. The strong will be separated from the weak and the strong will then be given lambos.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It defines A blockchain technology inspired organization or corporation that exists and operates without human intervention.
Dapp (decentralized application):
An open-source application that runs and stores its data on a blockchain network (instead of a central server) to prevent a single failure point. This software is not controlled by the single body – information comes from people providing other people with data or computing power.
A system with no fundamental control authority that governs the network. Instead, it is jointly managed by all users to the system.
Desktop wallet:
A wallet that stores the private keys on your computer, which allow the spending and management of your bitcoins.
Long red or green candles. This is a crypto signal that tells you that it is not favorable to trade at the moment. Found on candlestick charts.
Digital Signature:
An encrypted digital code attached to an electronic document to prove that the sender is who they say they are and confirm that a transaction is valid and should be accepted by the network.
Double Spending:
An attack on the blockchain where a malicious user manipulates the network by sending digital money to two different recipients at exactly the same time.
Means do your own research.
Converting data into code to protect it from unauthorized access, so that only the intended recipient(s) can decode it.
the practice of having a third party act as an intermediary in a transaction. This third party holds the funds on and sends them off when the transaction is completed.
Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain-based platform that runs smart contracts and allows you to build dapps on it. Ethereum is fueled by the cryptocurrency Ether.
A platform (centralized or decentralized) for exchanging (trading) different forms of cryptocurrencies. These exchanges allow you to exchange cryptos for local currency. Some popular exchanges are Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken and more.
A website which gives away free cryptocurrencies.
Fiat money:
Fiat currency is legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it, such as the US dollar or UK pound.
A split in the blockchain, resulting in two separate branches, an original and a new alternate version of the cryptocurrency. As a single blockchain forks into two, they will both run simultaneously on different parts of the network. For example, Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin fork.
Fear of missing out.
A system is frictionless when there are zero transaction costs or trading retraints.
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt regarding the crypto market.
A fee paid to run transactions, dapps and smart contracts on Ethereum.
A 50% decrease in block reward after the mining of a pre-specified number of blocks. Every 4 years, the “reward” for successfully mining a block of bitcoin is reduced by half. This is referred to as “Halving”.
Hardware wallet:
Physical wallet devices that can securely store cryptocurrency maximally. Some examples are Ledger Nano S**,** Digital Bitbox and more**.**
The process that takes input data of varying sizes, performs an operation on it and converts it into a fixed size output. It cannot be reversed.
The process by which you mine bitcoin or similar cryptocurrency, by trying to solve the mathematical problem within it, using cryptographic hash functions.
A Bitcoin enthusiast once accidentally misspelled the word HOLD and it is now part of the bitcoin legend. It can also mean hold on for dear life.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering):
A blockchain-based fundraising mechanism, or a public crowd sale of a new digital coin, used to raise capital from supporters for an early stage crypto venture. Beware of these as there have been quite a few scams in the past.
John mcAfee:
A man who will one day eat his balls on live television for falsely predicting bitcoin going to 100k. He has also become a small meme within the crypto community for his outlandish claims.
Joy of missing out. For those who are so depressed about missing out their sadness becomes joy.
Know your customer(alternatively consumer).
This stands for Lamborghini. A small meme within the investing community where the moment someone gets rich they spend their earnings on a lambo. One day we will all have lambos in crypto-valhalla.
Away from Blockchain, it is a book of financial transactions and balances. In the world of crypto, the blockchain functions as a ledger. A digital currency’s ledger records all transactions which took place on a certain block chain network.
Trading with borrowed capital (margin) in order to increase the potential return of an investment.
The availability of an asset to be bought and sold easily, without affecting its market price.
of the coins.
Margin trading:
The trading of assets or securities bought with borrowed money.
Market cap/MCAP:
A short-term for Market Capitalization. Market Capitalization refers to the market value of a particular cryptocurrency. It is computed by multiplying the Price of an individual unit of coins by the total circulating supply.
A computer participating in any cryptocurrency network performing proof of work. This is usually done to receive block rewards.
The act of solving a complex math equation to validate a blockchain transaction using computer processing power and specialized hardware.
Mining contract:
A method of investing in bitcoin mining hardware, allowing anyone to rent out a pre-specified amount of hashing power, for an agreed amount of time. The mining service takes care of hardware maintenance, hosting and electricity costs, making it simpler for investors.
Mining rig:
A computer specially designed for mining cryptocurrencies.
A situation the price of a coin rapidly increases in value. Can also be used as: “I hope bitcoin goes to the moon”
Any computing device that connects to the blockchain network.
Open source:
The practice of sharing the source code for a piece of computer software, allowing it to be distributed and altered by anyone.
Over the counter. Trading is done directly between parties.
P2P (Peer to Peer):
A type of network connection where participants interact directly with each other rather than through a centralized third party. The system allows the exchange of resources from A to B, without having to go through a separate server.
Paper wallet:
A form of “cold storage” where the private keys are printed onto a piece of paper and stored offline. Considered as one of the safest crypto wallets, the truth is that it majors in sweeping coins from your wallets.
Pre mining:
The mining of a cryptocurrency by its developers before it is released to the public.
Proof of stake (POS):
A consensus distribution algorithm which essentially rewards you based upon the amount of the coin that you own. In other words, more investment in the coin will leads to more gain when you mine with this protocol In Proof of Stake, the resource held by the “miner” is their stake in the currency.
The competition of computers competing to solve a tough crypto math problem. The first computer that does this is allowed to create new blocks and record information.” The miner is then usually rewarded via transaction fees.
A standardized set of rules for formatting and processing data.
Public key / private key:
A cryptographic code that allows a user to receive cryptocurrencies into an account. The public key is made available to everyone via a publicly accessible directory, and the private key remains confidential to its respective owner. Because the key pair is mathematically related, whatever is encrypted with a public key may only be decrypted by its corresponding private key.
Pump and dump:
Massive buying and selling activity of cryptocurrencies (sometimes organized and to one’s benefit) which essentially result in a phenomenon where the significant surge in the value of coin followed by a huge crash take place in a short time frame.
Recovery phrase:
A set of phrases you are given whereby you can regain or access your wallet should you lose the private key to your wallets — paper, mobile, desktop, and hardware wallet. These phrases are some random 12–24 words. A recovery Phrase can also be called as Recovery seed, Seed Key, Recovery Key, or Seed Phrase.
Referring to the word “wrecked”. It defines a situation whereby an investor or trader who has been ruined utterly following the massive losses suffered in crypto industry.
An alternative payment network to Bitcoin based on similar cryptography. The ripple network uses XRP as currency and is capable of sending any asset type.
Return on investment.
A crypto term for safe popularized by the Bizonnaci YouTube channel after the CEO of Binance tweeted
“Funds are safe."
“the exchage I use got hacked!”“Oh no, are your funds safu?”
“My coins better be safu!”

The smallest fraction of a bitcoin is called a “satoshi” or “sat”. It represents one hundred-millionth of a bitcoin and is named after Satoshi Nakamoto.
Satoshi Nakamoto:
This was the pseudonym for the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.
The ability of a cryptocurrency to contain the massive use of its Blockchain.
A scaling solution for the Blockchain. It is generally a method that allows nodes to have partial copies of the complete blockchain in order to increase overall network performance and consensus speeds.
Coin with little potential or future prospects.
Spreading buzz by heavily promoting a particular coin in the community to create awareness.
Short position:
Selling of a specific cryptocurrency with an expectation that it will drop in value.
Silk road:
The online marketplace where drugs and other illicit items were traded for Bitcoin. This marketplace is using accessed through “TOR”, and VPNs. In October 2013, a Silk Road was shut down in by the FBI.
Smart Contract:
Certain computational benchmarks or barriers that have to be met in turn for money or data to be deposited or even be used to verify things such as land rights.
Software Wallet:
A crypto wallet that exists purely as software files on a computer. Usually, software wallets can be generated for free from a variety of sources.
A contract-oriented coding language for implementing smart contracts on Ethereum. Its syntax is similar to that of JavaScript.
Stable coin:
A cryptocoin with an extremely low volatility that can be used to trade against the overall market.
Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation (similar to mining) on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards.
When a crypto currency appreciates or goes up in price.
The opposite of mooning. When a coin tanks it can also be described as crashing.
For traders , the chief prize is “tendies” (chicken tenders, the treat an overgrown man-child receives for being a “Good Boy”) .
A unit of value that represents a digital asset built on a blockchain system. A token is usually considered as a “coin” of a cryptocurrency, but it really has a wider functionality.
TOR: “The Onion Router” is a free web browser designed to protect users’ anonymity and resist censorship. Tor is usually used surfing the web anonymously and access sites on the “Darkweb”.
Transaction fee:
An amount of money users are charged from their transaction when sending cryptocurrencies.
A measure of fluctuations in the price of a financial instrument over time. High volatility in bitcoin is seen as risky since its shifting value discourages people from spending or accepting it.
A file that stores all your private keys and communicates with the blockchain to perform transactions. It allows you to send and receive bitcoins securely as well as view your balance and transaction history.
An investor that holds a tremendous amount of cryptocurrency. Their extraordinary large holdings allow them to control prices and manipulate the market.

A comprehensive report or guide made to understand an issue or help decision making. It is also seen as a technical write up that most cryptocurrencies provide to take a deep look into the structure and plan of the cryptocurrency/Blockchain project. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to release a whitepaper on Bitcoin, titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” in late 2008.
And with that I finally complete my odyssey. I sincerely hope that this helped you and if you are new, I welcome you to crypto. If you read all of that I hope it increased, you in knowledge.
my final definition:
A collection of all the HODLers and crypto fanatics. A place where all people alike unite over a love for crypto.
We are all in this together as we pioneer the new world that is crypto currency. I wish you a great day and Happy HODLing.
feel free to comment words or terms that you feel should be included or about any errors I made.
Edit1:some fixes were made and added words.
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[Spoilers S7] Here's what we know about the state of Earth before the bombs

Here's a compiled list of what Earth was like pre-apocalypse using details from the show. Jason Rothenberg has said if the prequel gets greenlit, he wants to implement a lot of flashbacks LOST style. These flashbacks may include references to the following:

Oil Depletion

Dust Storms

Water Shortages

Global Warming

Global Pandemic


Technological Advancements

Becca Franko, The Tech Celebrity

Financial Crisis

Drug Legalization

Battles in U.S. Cities

Resistance Groups & Terrorism

Asteroid Mining Penal Colony

Corrupt U.S. Government

Cult Mentality & Conspiracy Theories

That's what I got. If you spotted anything else from the show, feel free to share! :)
Edit: Thanks everyone for the kind words and the awards! Also, thanks to clwrutgers for asking me to make this list.
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The Fed's Losing Battle with Technological Deflation

First off, let's set the scene.
The stock market is telling you nothing about the real economy anymore.
Economic fundamentals have never mattered as little for the stock market as has been the case during this 11-year bull market.
The correlation between gross-domestic-product growth and the direction of the S&P 500 Index has only been 7% in this cycle - historically it has been 30% to 70%.
Well, it is the Central Banks, led by the Fed, who printed their way out of the Recession in '08.
In doing so, they have papered over the cracks, and we have seen the longest economic expansion in US history.
However, this is not a particularly meritocratic process: money creation itself increases inequality via the Cantillon Effect, as money printing leads to asset price inflation, which disproportionately benefits the rich and hurts the poor.
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker told the New York Times in 2018:
“The central issue is we’re developing into a plutocracy. We’ve got an enormous number of enormously rich people that have convinced themselves that they’re rich because they’re smart and constructive."
The reality of course is that this is largely not the case - it is because the game is rigged in their favour.
Now, it is important to emphasise the fact that the path we have taken has resulted in the highest living standards we have seen in human history.
However, the issue, particularly since the US completely abandoned the gold standard in 1971, is that debt has exploded to obscene levels.
We are not operating in a free market if it takes $185 trillion of debt over the last 20 years to create 'growth'.
In fact, the global debt to GDP ratio hit an all-time high of 322% in the third quarter of 2019.
Inflation means that your dollar loses value and thus your purchasing power goes down.
Deflation means that the value of your dollar goes up and your purchasing power goes up.
That's a good thing right? You get more goods and services for less.
Well, no.
If you have deflation, debt explodes in real terms and you can never pay it back.
As the economy is based on debt, if you allow deflation, then you have to reset the debt.
This is why central banks fear deflation so much.
However, the major force driving the human race is technological progress - and this stops for no mortal...
The increased abundance created by technology will result in massive job losses.
Throughout history, doom porn enthusiasts have screamed that the machines are coming for jobs. This is not a new phenomenon.
All technological revolutions are deflationary - since they create "supply side shocks", meaning that they allow for more intensive use of resources and thus higher production. With more goods being produced, all other things being equal, the price of those goods will fall.
In the last 20 years or so, software has disrupted and replaced many established goods and services.
It is in the next 20 years that another disruptive technology is set to take the stage: AI
According to Steve Schwarzman, the co-founder and CEO of The Blackstone Group who has a net worth of $17.6BN:
"This is going to touch everyone's're not going to be able to get away from this technology"
Moreover, this virus will only accelerate this trend towards tech. Zoom is a fantastic example of exactly this.
Old legacy economic systems were not built for this tech deflation, and the thing about exponential growth is that we humans do not intuitively understand it.
As an example, if you folded a piece of paper 51 times, of course you can only fold it seven times, but if you could fold it 51 times, it would reach the Sun!
The question is: how does this play out?
In the long term, it is the fundamental structure of the economic system that has a significant impact on people's lives, not who is President for 4 to 8 years.
In reality, politicians have limited power and are effectively all puppets. We have seen what happens when a President doesn't stay in their lane...
One could argue that the two main mechanisms of control are:
  1. Divide and Conquer and
  2. Order from Chaos
As we have seen many times in the past, herd psychology is worryingly easy to manipulate...
Speaking of the censorship, in his book Antifragile, Nassim Taleb discusses the anti fragility of information.
Information feeds more on attempts to harm it than it does on efforts to promote it.
A fantastic example of this process is what has happened with London Real: they were banned on LinkedIn and David Icke's interview was censored. Now, regardless of what you think of this particular channel or your thoughts on David Icke and the theories provided, censoring information in this way actually spreads it more virally.
It's fascinating to observe how many views the videos regarding the bans and censorship have relative to the others. And the impact this has had on subscribers.
It is always easier to blame a bigger enemy (or create a new one) rather than to admit it's a structural problem.
Therefore, you avoid short term pain...whatever the cost.
The real question is if and when this situation will lead to social unrest...
The depth and width of jobs impacted by AI will continue to increase in the future.
Now this will not necessarily happen straight away.
However, our transition from commodity capitalism to intellectual capitalism is inevitable and the people and nations who fight against this trend will be on the wrong side of history.
From a practical investment perspective, and disclaimer this is not investment advice, network effects are a crucial aspect to consider moving forwards.
Essentially, this means that the value of the network increases with each additional user - all of the tech monopolies have exhibited this property.
An asset which could in time demonstrate very strong network effects is Bitcoin.
Looking at the market cap relative to other asset classes, Bitcoin provides an asymmetric investment opportunity.
Only time will tell...
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Monero Monetary Policy?

Hello, first time poster here.
From what I can tell, there is significantly less entrenched orthodoxy applied to how monero does things compared to other cryptocurrency. Its the only one with ASIC resistance, has a dynamic block size, is willing to contemplate the concept of linear inflation rather than treating it as an unholy abomination, etc.
In general you guys have done a lot better of a job keeping down transaction fees compared to bitcoin, and as a whole are more inclined to plan for monero as an actual medium of exchange rather than a perpetually deflationary get rich scheme.
With that in mind, I have a few questions:
  1. In the event adoption of this cryptocurrency gets large enough that it ends up putting strain on the current dynamic block size status quo, what's the precise point at which you'll change how things operate in order to prevent a centralization crisis from an excessively large blockchain? What sort of exact security issues/etc prevents things like the lightning network from currently being options for this scenario?
  2. While to a large extent price stability comes from a sufficiently deepened pool of liquidity, as has been seen with recent trends in bitcoin's price, one thing I've got to wonder about is if things such as block rewards and transaction fees can be dynamically adjusted, akin to a more democratic central bank if you will, such that monetary tightening and loosening can be done?
A lack of commitment to permanent deflation would obviously hurt monero's market capitalization, but arguably that's not a particularly important metric compared to transaction volume.
Despite basically being a dubiously backed centralized "cryptocurrency", tether still sees a significant amount of transaction volume purely due to its utility as a unit of currency pegged to the US dollar. Now, while I'm sure precise information on monero's own true transaction volume is under-reported due to strong privacy protections in conjunction with low fees, tether does serve as a reminder for how much demand there is for stability.
Obviously its significantly more difficult to do contractionary monetary policy than inflationary, but would something like say, a decentralized dynamic peg work, where holdings of bitcoin/etc are bought and sold by a digital entity controlled by the miners work in order to stabilize monero? I'm just spitballing thoughts here though and I know there might be potential issues related to chain analysis. If you have any other good reasons why this is a bad idea please feel free to let me know. Thanks!
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Do Autonomous Trucks dream of C.W. McCall? Part 9- a new home

Tran was a shitty gambler, Chi mused. He played poker like he was sure the next hand would save him. It didn’t. He overpromised and underpaid. Chi planned on kicking his ass to send a message, but Tran ran that line of shit about millions in bitcoin. Against his better judgment, Chi settled Tran’s debts with every other loan-shark in town and fronted another stack of cash.
And all that ended with Tran gambling that away, talking a load of shit and ending up in this dumpster with a trash-bag tied around his neck.
Chi looked at Tran’s phone and wondered if the money was ever real. Considering it might point back at him, he smashed it against the corner of the dumpster a few times before dropping it and walking back to his car. He had some debts to pay.
Falstaff looked at the paper maps in the motel’s office. He followed the Interstate southeast to the desert and what used to be the California- Arizona border. He looked for places he hadn’t heard of being associated with edgy festivals. Even better, motels with chain-sounding names. That’s the place nobody’d look for him.
He packed his car, coaxed Hank back in the carrier and got in his car. Before he got going, he booted his laptop and put the memory card back in. Evidence wasn’t a problem any more, it was getting found.
He copied the contents to his laptop and poked around. Ten minutes later, he had set up a password cracker against the accounts, hoping that Tran would choose something easier to remember and therefore guessable.
He plugged the laptop’s power supply into the car’s cigarette lighter, then put the laptop on a bag on the back seat.
East he went.
Geoff had the night shift on another Internet giant’s campus. This meant he drove a golf cart around once or twice, then parked himself in the camera room and tried not to sleep. Sleeping would cut his hourly wage and get him kicked back to dangerous, dirty jobs like protecting rail yards from motivated thieves.
He used to pick a skill and research it. He learned to get basic vocabulary in Spanish, Mandarin, Fujianese and was trying Tagalog. He could carry a conversation as long as it revolved around simple topics, like where the bathroom, parking lot and reception desk were, or that he wanted to purchase something.
Tonight he picked at that truck thing again. He used a map application to virtually drive between Phoenix and San Diego. After a few hours, he found the spot on the Interstate that looked like the right landscape from the cameras on the pinball machine. He looked at the street view and the camera view over the older man’s shoulder.
Motherfucker. Spot dab in the withdrawn zone.
Who travels to the middle of nowhere to steal from a truck and only take some stuff?
Couldn’t be locals. Locals would strip the truck bare.
He watched the video again. Looks like they took plain grocery shipping boxes.
Inside job? And steal boxes of fresh pasta and imported wine?
He scrolled back and took a few screengrabs. When he worked security at the shiny new headquarters, they had some wild surveillance tools. Real time tracking using AI image enhancement and they taught you how to use it.
Geoff got pretty good at it. He looked over at his phone and opened the scheduling application for his employer. He underbid a few other people and picked up the next shift.
Which got him reinstated access to the HQ’s slick surveillance system. He uploaded the images and asked it to clean it up. He expected this to take a bit of time, so he cleaned up and got ready for his shift.
And his phone dinged. A match.
That he didn’t ask for. Ten seconds later, he saw a corporate ID card. With that bored look of middle aged techie.
Huh. Dumb name. Looked familiar, but so did every other techie from where he stood. Probably had more money in options than he’d ever earn.
As he drove to work, he wondered why a techie would be robbing trucks in the middle of nowhere instead of getting rich or dying fat here.
He parked, took the shuttle and made it a few minutes early for shift change. He expected a slow night.
Five minutes into the shift, he was sipping good coffee and watching the camera feeds when someone asked for him by name at the desk.
He looked up and saw one of the muscular internal security people smiling at him. Close cropped hair, clear coiled earpiece and the look of someone who worked out at an actual gym instead of lifting five gallon buckets filled with water in a rest stop parking lot. Looked like internal security, maybe even VIP protection.
Guy probably had pretty good benefits. Geoff would love to get a job like that.
Geoff pushed his coffee to the side and stood up to greet the guy asking about him.
Enzokuhle gave Geoff a broad smile and introduced himself as Enzo. The two men were pleasant with one another, but Geoff seemed wary. Enzo didn’t know why he was there either. He was scheduled to do driving and personal protection for a senior exec working in his office, but he got tasked with asking a contract security guard some questions about something very hush-hush.
Whatever. He was good with people. Perhaps he’d learn something.
“Geoff, may we speak outside? This is a sensitive matter, requiring some discretion”
Geoff motioned to his puzzled co-worker by holding up his hand, splaying his fingers and mouthing the word “Five”. The two men walked through the stark but stylish lobby onto a manicured park-like field.
“So, what do you want from me? Not too often we get you guys involved”
“An hour ago, you performed a lookup for a company employee. Have you been in contact with that employee?”
“No. I had an image I wanted processed”
There was an uncomfortable silence as the walked. Geoff realized that Enzo was listening to his ear-piece. Enzo was nodding as he listened.
“I see. So you haven’t seen this person outside the picture you uploaded”
“No, but I have an idea where he might be”
Enzokuhle put his hand up. He wanted to end this transaction as quickly as possible.
“Thank you. Please do not speak of this to anybody else. Your discretion is most important here. Return to your post and we will contact you if we need more from you”. He pointed Geoff back to the lobby without making eye contact.
Galina Ivanova spent a few more minutes talking to Enzo, then thanked him. This was a false lead. AI must be glitchy. No chance that the developer who stole almost a billion dollars was unloading trucks instead of moving that big pile of money somewhere.
Any additional time logged to this goose chase would make her metrics worse. She took off her headset and tried to go back go sleep.
Geoff sat back in his chair. He remembered a video of a scuba diver diving under a moving container ship, looking up at the moving propeller and how close they almost came to a gruesome death.
Why was that guy important enough to throw an alert to internal security?
He looked at his phone and the email with Falstaff’s ID photo. He couldn’t do any lookups to see the last time he was in any of the buildings, since that fed into whatever alerts that brought Internal Security down on his head.
But he remembered something. Employee parking wasn’t owned by Corporate. It was a separate company, which required him to remind annoyed techies when their photo ID wouldn’t trip the gate when some absent-minded developer forgot their garage access card.
Last time this Falstaff guy used the garage was almost two months ago. Such a stereotype. Silver Porsche. Now he knew why the guy looked familiar. He left the day that big brouhaha happened. Rumors flew about the security and custodial staff- some developers stole the next phone design or a treasure trove of celebrity nude photos or something else of value to these people. Anybody too vocal with their opinions got fired and walked out, which Geoff wanted to avoid.
Whatever it was, it was valuable and embarrassing. Made sense to go hide in the desert.
And he had an idea where Falstaff was. Maybe, if he brought him back, there’d be a big enough reward to let him to leave the Valley and go back to Ohio. Pay off debts and raise his family.
It wasn’t like he was making any headway here anyway. He was going on a road trip.
Falstaff was driving slower now. He needed better fuel economy and to take the time to scout out his next stop. Some towns had plain dried up and others still too connected. The last place looked promising. The gas station was a weatherbeaten Sinclair, with a repainted dinosaur. They only took cash. The chain restaurant was burned out and there was a motel “a few miles up”.
Hank was sleeping, but Falstaff’s laptop dinged with the results of his attempt to crack Tran’s big blob of data.
He had passwords for the handful of accounts Tran had dumped on that chip. They weren’t for the financial application he and Tran were working on. Instead, they were for the store’s production environment. He didn’t have a billion dollars in untraceable currency, but he could send almost any consumer good to anybody on the planet and clean up afterwards.
He had some investigating to do, and he preferred a cheap motel to do it from rather than his car.
He rented a room for a few days from a surprised old man and tried to ignore the curious stares from a few permanent residents of the motel.
At least Hank enjoyed exploring the room and this motel would not get the camera friendly festival crowd.
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Comedian Wanting to make the big move

Hey, so i’m a semi successful comedian, all that means i made a chunk of my money through comedy. By no means rich, by no means am i thinking where to get my next meal you know? I currently live in Florida and take advantage of never paying, if ever, any taxes at all. Depending the year that is. Some years are wayyyy better than others in this career lol
But i’m still very young, i’m nowhere near my comedic peak. I need to continue this career. But like my mom always said, “don’t be relying on these jokes forever”
And she’s right, so got involved with crypto currency along the way as a hobby and now a couple years later i find myself in a funny situation. Anyone else bought bitcoin for fun in 2010 for penny’s?
On 1 hand i want to be in the north east where comedy thrives. On the other hand the comfort and crazy lifestyle florida has provided me is amazing. It’s making it very hard to leave.
I have moved out of Florida before only to find myself missing it like never before.
So anyways, as i get older and realize Florida is aging 10x as fast with all these old people moving here from New England, i’m starting to really not enjoy this palace more and more.
My ultimate goal is to make enough money from comedy and other ventures if needed to buy a big plot of land in NH, surround myself with live free or die type of folks and just crypto mine during the winter with solar panels on my land and maybe grow some crops and too to offset the taxes and live “FREE” as the state mentions while also being close enough to boston, new york and philly that i can continue this pursue of comedy.
So where exactly should i be looking to tour in NH for potential living ? considering i want to be around young people from their late 20 to their mid 40s you know while also owning enough land to be able to have like house on the ranch type vibes while also not being crazy far from the big cities in the area?
Thank you in advance, i’m very serious about this move.
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Lucid Dream about Infinite Universe

I dreamt that I was stuck in another Universe as a 7th grader where my parents looked slightly different and my friends were different and everything was different; hell even the sky looked different, the goal of my dream was to get back to my actual reality and I knew either I was dreaming or stuck in a different reality and couldn't wake up and I have all my memories of when I was awake.
I was stuck in this universe for days before I came up with a solution to get out of it; which was to cause other people in my dream to steer away from their "deterministic" life. I came up with an idea to get my friends invested in Bitcoins because in a year Bitcoins will be made and we would be able to buy it for really cheap prices and become really rich when we get into our adult years. Most of them got on board with the idea but were still skeptical.
Causing this much trouble, I got the attention of an "authority" looking old woman, who says she knows who I am and that I am in the wrong body at the wrong Universe. Somewhere along the line she said that there's infinite amount of "me" all connected through quantum entanglement in different universes. She told me she has a plan for me to get out and which was to make someone else that was already determined to die in that universe to follow me and die in front of me and I simply need to look at where they were looking. I asked her if she can take me to another timeline in my life because I missed being in it and she simply said, "no".
So for a few days I had this creepy dude following me everywhere but from afar until he got hit by a car and while the driver was calling an ambulance, I ran to hold his hand while he was dying and he looked up at the sky, I laid next to him and looked up at the sky and saw these connected hexagonal white lights and for some reason was very comforting, as soon as I saw the lights is when I woke up from my lucid dream.
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READ THIS NOW: My life of SHOULD'VE, WOULD'VE, COULD'VE until I discovered Crypto.

Mostly all here are invested into Crypto. We all have our own reasons, methods, values of how we invest our money. One thing in common is we all have one main goal. That is to get as much money as possible out of this with the time, and money we can spare.

That's the dam truth##.

We are all here together, and since we are all here on our own will , I want to tell you why you should be proud to hold all your crypto.
I'm 40 years old. At 18 after I graduated HS I had about $7800. $1400 from my graduation party, and $6400 selling my MTG collection on EBay. I also managed a small arcade for about $350 a week.
Back to my MTG collection...
I sold it because it changed. The designs on the new series looked too modern. The original designs were a work of art.
Anyway, I seriously wanted to hold those magic cards but I kept telling myself...
"I can get them back if I want. The price isn't going to move anytime soon. The market is in slight decline. Some of these have been the same price for 2 years now."
I was right, the price of my two Lotus's stayed the same for 5 more years. Not budging . 12 years later after that , those same two cards value at over $60,000ea I believe. If I held untill a few years ago or now, I would've been able to do a quick sale at $400,000. Yes at a discount.
The same goes for all the first edition garbage pail kids I had.

So, what did I do with all $7800##?

I told myself I want to invest it into Microsoft. But I talked myself out of it by saying
"Some people told me the market was a risk, and I had to prepare myself to lose it all"
So I didn't do it. I was close, but I didn't. I could've had OVER A MILLION!
I instead used that money for a school. Business computer programming. It was a waste because 90% of what they taught me came natural. I was doing basic programming at 13 for fun.
I regret not going with my initial FOMO on Microsoft , I regret listening to my own FUD with the MTG cards.
7 years later, I repeated the same mistake...
I had about $15,000 in the bank. I wanted to invest $10,000 in apple after I read about the release of the iphone. Instead opted to do 5k over FUD I read. It was FUD about the risk since they never made phones, and alot of people were ridiculing their idea.
Then I said to myself...
"Fuck that, I don't want to do this. I could do so much more with this 5k"
I instead used the 15k turbocharge my transam, add a racing transmission, tires, rims, new stero system, and I took a 2 week vacation ...GONE!
I got what I wanted. Got laid a bunch of times, went to car shows. That could of been $500k by now.
To top this off, I missed out on a quick $78,000 win at the racetrack because if my own FUD. Horses.
I lost $200, and was left with only I $5 that night. I decided, "you know what, fuck it, I'm going to do a completely off the wall wild bet.
I did a completely wild bet for $5. I picked all longshots in what they call a "Superfecta"(4 horses in that exact order 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place prediction.
1 minute before the race started, I Cancelled the bet. I told myself ...
"this is stupid, 99:1, 78:1, 56:1, 38:1 long shots coming out in this order? THATS INSANE...Why am I blowing 5 away? Fuck that, I instead put $5 on the 10:1 to win hopefully my to maybe get $50 back "
Well. Guess what? The 3nd largest superfecta payout in history. No body won it! It came out in the original order I out it in that's to a series of freak disqualifications in the race.
I hate myself for cancelling that. But hey, maybe that happened for a reason. Maybe I wouldn't have ended up living on another country for 2 years. Learning another language.
You see
So many times in my life I had the perfect opportunity, and I didn't take it. I let Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt make my Choices for me.
Then came crypto currency. In late 2016, a client of mine told me he got rich off Bitcoin. He raved about it . He told me about ripple, ETH etc.
I invested in his recommendation about XRP when it was $0.005. it FLEW UP from there. I took some of that massive gain and bought other things, and those FLEW. For someone like me, it was LOTS of money off my original $500.
Sure this was a "lucky time" to get in but that's not the point I'm trying to make here. The point is that I finally did it! I didn't let FUD fuck with my head. I just did it. I cashed out already in late 2017. About 90% of what I gained. Payed off all my debt, and my truck, and had another $30k or so to put a down payment on a house. If I didn't just stick with my guns and let the FUD get to me, then I would still be in a whole bunch of debt. Especially with this whole lockdown bullshit. But now....
NOW ,I never again I will tell myself...
Crypto Currency is severely undervalued. Its manipulated down right now. This about this logic, how can something increasingly popular with more and more support by the day drop in price? Crypto isn't human. Bitcoin isnt getting fired over sexual harrassement, there isn't a corporate takeover. Its manipulation.
I don't care if this shit takes 5 years to recover. I'm holding . I don't care if BTC dips to $1000. I'm holding till this MCAP tops 10 trillion. so if you love your crypto, hold that F#%KING SHIT!
The lesson here is never let FUD make choices for you. Stick to your original beliefs. If there's a voice in the back of your head telling you "I want to do this", then Listen to that voice. That's you! Listen to yourself, not the new voice that intrudes after your choice.
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IF YOU BOUGHT BITCOIN 7 YEARS AGO YOU'D BE THIS RICH.... YOUNG COLLEGE STUDENT BECOMES A MILLIONAIRE (BITCOIN ... Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners 💰 - YouTube Top 5 Richest Bitcoin Owners - YouTube How I Made Millions By Cryptocurrency ( Litecoin, Ripple ...

Read into Bitcoin a few months later and I got hooked forever once I understood this technology had the power the liberate individuals at the expense of centralized power. At first, it was the possibility of getting rich that attracted me, but like many others, it’s not the only reason I continue to HODL. I stuck to learning about Bitcoin, even when nobody else around me saw it the same way ... Author John Green of "The Fault in Our Stars" fame and his brother Hank got one bitcoin from a fan and then lost track of it. At the time, the Green brothers didn’t think much of it, since they weren’t involved in the world of cryptocurrency. Time went by, and they forgot the gift existed until 2017, when the price of bitcoin skyrocketed. “We had to recreate an old email address to ... 4 Ways To Get Rich With Bitcoin. 1# Find the Right Bitcoin Vendor. The first thing to do in this process is to choose the right bitcoin vendor. There are a hundred and one different bitcoin vendor platforms that have been popping up in recent years. Ever since the first one that consumers could widely access was built, there have been many a webmaster trying to get in on the action by charging ... 10 Bitcoin Millionaires — People Who Got Rich From Cryptocurrency. Facebook Twitter Telegram Copy URL. Blockchain. Sat, 06/02/2018 - 12:03. George Shnurenko. These stories of 10 Bitcoin millionaires prove that there’s nothing impossible, and a smart investment made once can make you go from zero to hero. Cover image via . Let’s find out how people managed to gather their ... Home / Bitcoin Influencers, Business, Media, Social / Celebrities That Got Rich From Bitcoin. Super System. Bitcoin Influencers,Business,Media,Social January 10, 2020. Celebrities Who Have Made Money From Bitcoin. Bitcoin is becoming a thriving industry, and as such, it is no surprise that several celebrities have chosen to give cryptocurrency a chance. The truth is that while some ...

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Here's a quick guide of how to become a filthy rich from BITCOIN!!!! Sounds: Video Sound: Poppy - Am I Okay? In todays video we talk about cryptocurrency. I first invested into cryptocurrency in 2015. I ended selling 60 bitcoin for $17,000-18,000+ a coin in late 201... ATTENTION: I AM NOT ON TELEGRAM!!! To anyone who is being approached under the scam please report to Telegram. How I got Rich off Bitcoin! We've all been hea... Top 5 Richest Bitcoin Owners Subscribe: // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! When it comes t... 50 Cent Makes $8.5 million From Bitcoin "Im Rich Again" Category Entertainment; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next ...